I AM Juan

Digital Marketing Leader & Designer

Co-Founder & Marketing Leader at Chaló Chaló since August 2015. Ecommerce enthusiast. Experienced Digital Marketing Manager with vast experience building and running successful digital campaigns.

As a former designer and now as a business owner and digital marketing entrepreneur, I’ve had accomplished plenty of goals in my career.

  • Improved local brands through digital marketing and ecommerce, boosting their sales and online presence.
  • Executed advertising campaigns in countries like Mexico, Colombia and India.
  • Boosted sales of local brands through Meta and Google Ads.
Juan Ramirez - Digital Marketing Specialist

My Experience

Co-Founder at Chaló Chaló, Bogotá, Col.

(Aug 2015 – Present)

Founding Chaló Chaló has been one of my biggest challenges. Our main goal with this brand is to change what people think of Colombia in and outside the country. Doing this through design and storytelling.

Ecommerce & Brick and Mortar Store in Bogotá

Ecommerce Manager at Petalos, Bogotá, Col.

(Nov 2020 – Present)

As an Ecommerce Designer at Petalos, I’ve been in charge of creating the users interface along with the user experience to boost the company’s online sales.

Design Flower Shop

My Skills

Graphic Design 95%
Team Management 80%
Meta Ads 85%
Ecommerce Management 90%
Social Media Strategy 80%

Creative Ideas

Creating and developing brands, social media posts and converting websites

Boosting Sales

Meta and Google Ads planning and execution, helping ecommerce and the brick and mortar stores sales.


Strategy Driven

Strategic thinking is key on boosting brands engagement, recognition and sales through every channel.

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